Tuesday, April 14, 2009

No Stress Day 2009

What a fabulous concept; a day designated to focus on relieving stress!

I heard about an organization by the name of No Stress Allowed, and they have designated September 26, 2009 as No Stress Day. They are encouraging as many spas, salons, and wellness centers to participate by donating $2 for certain spa services that are scheduled for that day to the American Heart Association. What's great is 100% of the monies raised that day by these services will be given to the American Heart Association by the participating spas. A win win for everyone don't ya think?!

Make sure to mark a reminder on your calendar to make your appointment, September 26, 2009 and stay tuned for reminders and more info to come, especially how my studio will be participating. But why wait until September? Why not take one day this month and create your own No Stress Day; schedule a massage, have a pedicure, gather with a group of close friends for a yoga party, whatever would help you to unwind and destress.

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